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7 Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating in a Garage

Forget standing on fridged concrete – work in your garage in comfort!

Most people believe that having a cold cement floor is just a garage characteristic they have to live with. Even if you add a blower for heat or other heating source, the floor is still cold! This means working under vehicles will still be miserable. Your body will still ache after standing at your workbench.

Does your garage feel humid and musty?

Do you dread working on your vehicles because you lie on a cold, damp floor?

Is your car just as cold and snowy in the morning as when you drove it in yesterday?

If you use your garage for storage or workspace – installing radiant floor heat is a great solution for you! Even if your garage is already built, radiant floor heat can be installed. If you are building a new garage, definitely consider this efficient, affordable option.

What is Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is provided by installing electric cables under the surface of your garage floor. The heat from the cables warms the entire floor. The heat then radiates upward and convection warms the space, belongings, and people.

Radiant heat isn’t just for living spaces in your home. It can offer you a dry, warm floor in your garage. Here are more reasons to consider radiant floor heat:

7 Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating in your Garage

It’s Very Consistent

radiant floor heating, 7 Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating in a Garage

Most heating systems create cold spots, especially in garages. Radiant heat offers a very balanced heat throughout the space.

Energy Efficiency

Radiant floor heating is extremely energy efficient. Because there is virtually no loss, as you get with ductwork or systems with cold spots, it is solely heating when it’s running. Once the garage reaches the set temperature, concrete will hold heat much longer and slowly releases it. This means the system turns off and on much less frequently than other conventional heating methods.

Takes Up Less Space

With new construction, the cables are installed directly into the concrete, buried in when the floor is poured. If you’re remodeling, radiant heating tubes are usually buried in about 2” of new concrete.

Invisible & Unobtrusive

Radiant heat is often called “invisible heat” because it’s neatly tucked behind the scenes. Installation in a garage floor requires very little additional floor height. There really are no visible signs that a heating system is present, and there is no  noisy fans or blowers.


Radiant floor heat has come a long way over the past decade. It’s priced competitively with other installed heating systems. Because it’s so energy efficient, it is actually less expensive to operate over the long run.

Moisture Control

Bringing snow inside the garage on your vehicle results in puddles of slushy water. When you heat the garage floor instead of the air in the garage, snow melts quickly and water evaporates faster. You can enjoy a safe, dry floor.

No Maintenance Necessary

Once installed, radiant floor heat is maintenance-free. There are no mechanical parts to break down, and no filters to change.

The BEST Way to Heat Your Garage

If you spend a lot of time in your garage and are thinking of renovating it, a radiant floor heating system may be right for you. If you are building a new garage, don’t overlook this fantastic option!

Hire a Professional Like Warm Waters

Keep in mind that installing radiant heat isn’t a DIY project. You’ll need to hire a plumber who specializes in installing radiant floor heating systems. At Warm Waters we are experts in installing radiant heating. Our licensed plumbers and heating technicians offer the perfect team to change the way your experience your garage! Contact us today with your questions!

radiant floor heating, 7 Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating in a Garage

Snowmelt Driveways

Did you know you can have radiant heat in your driveway and walkways for ice and snow free living?! YES, it’s true! Learn more.

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