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Maine Heat Pumps

Interested in saving as much as 50% on your
current heating and cooling costs?!

Heat Pump technology is some of the most exciting and beneficial HVAC equipment available today. Enjoy comfortable, year round temperatures in your home – all from one unit! A heat pump is a terrific alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems because they are central systems for heating and cooling, and they are extremely energy efficient for serious cost savings. They do not require ductwork or baseboards, so they are far less invasive to install than traditional systems as well.

Heat pumps move heat rather than generate heat, requiring only some electricity to operate, not any fuel consumption. A heat pump can provide equivalent space heating and cooling at a quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating and cooling systems.

A heat pump system consists of an indoor unit called the Air Handler, which is installed on a wall, ceiling or floor. The outdoor unit, called the Heat Pump, can easily be camouflaged with landscaping, and provides for a quiet indoor operation. When it is cold outside, it extracts the natural heat energy in the air and moves it inside. When it is warm outside, it reverses the process like a traditional air conditioner, and removes the heat from the inside air.

Our Maine Heat Pump Services Include:

maine heat pumps, Maine Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Service & Cleaning
  • Air Handler Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Heat Pump-Compressor Repair
  • Coil & Duct Sanitation
  • Filter Replacement

For complete heat pump service and installation, contact the Heat Pump specialists at Warm Waters. Learn how you can have eco-friendly, low-cost comfort in your home all year long!

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