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Warm Waters LLC in Souther Maine is a full-service heating and cooling company. Here is a list of the services we provide.

Heating Systems & Installation:

Warm Waters is a Southern Maine heating system service company. We install and service just about any type of heating system, including forced hot water, forced hot air and heat pump systems, whether oil, steam, natural gas or propane.
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Warm Waters in Southern Maine offers professional plumbing and water heater services, including maintenance, repair, replacement, and new installation. Our licensed plumbers have been in the business many years.
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A/C and Air Conditioning:

Need a better way to stay cool this Summer? Our air conditioning technicians are licensed and certified in the latest air conditioning technologies, and we offer only the highest quality A/C manufacturers and products so you can depend on your cooling system for years to come.
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Heat Pumps:

Want to save money on your energy costs? Enjoy comfortable, year round temperatures in your home – all from one unit! A heat pump is a terrific alternative to traditional heating and A/C systems because they are central systems for heating and cooling.
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Fire Protection & Sprinkler Systems:

We install Uponor AquaSAFE fire and sprinkler system products. Our expertise in proper fire system design, monitor placement, and system maintenance ensures that our clients are protected against the devastation that a fire can bring.
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Snow Melt Driveways:

Hate sow removal? Avoid back-breaking and time-consuming shoveling of snow, and polluting de-icing with salt or sand completely! Our installed sow melt systems provide an automatic control system that heats up only when it is needed, day and night.
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