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Snow Melt Driveways

Effective snow and ice melt systems for driveways and walkways in Maine?!
Radiant heat under my driveway, are you kidding?!
No, we aren’t kidding!

Wherever outdoor surfaces like driveways, walkways, parking spaces, and other pedestrian areas need to be protected from dangerous snow and ice in wintertime, Warm Waters has a proven solution. We install Uponor Snow and Ice Melting systems, proven products and installation standards that utilize radiant heat technology in an exterior application. The results are a snow and ice free surface on your driveway, walkways, and parking areas.

Avoid back-breaking and time-consuming shoveling of snow, and polluting de-icing with salt or sand completely! Our installed systems provide an automatic control system that heats up only when it is needed, day and night.

The Uponor Snow and Ice Melting system uses your existing heating system, transferring through a heat exchanger to the Uponor Snow and Ice Melting system installed in your exterior. The heat is then distributed evenly throughout the installation areas.

Uponor Snow and Ice Melting system in a nutshell:

  • System ensures a maximum of security, 24/7
  • Automatically de-icing and snow melt
  • Protects surface areas from damage
  • Reduces slip and fall liability
  • Fast and easy installation with Uponor PEX pipes
  • Crete Heat Foam Underlayment
  • Complete system from surface prep to final control installation

Contact Warm Waters for more details on how Snow Melt Driveways can work for you – no more shoveling or salting!

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