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8 Things to Know About Heat Pumps

One of the things we like best about heat pumps is that we can talk about them any time of year. That’s because super-efficient, extremely cost-effective heat pumps provide not only warmth in the cold months, but air conditioning relief during hot weather.

Heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to keep your home comfortable all year round!

A heat pump is a standalone, two-component system that uses refrigeration technology and electricity to provide heating and cooling for homes and businesses. The appliance draws in air from the outside portion of the unit and uses refrigerant to either absorb or release heat through the interior component of the unit.

We’ve created this overview to help you learn about heat pump systems, and see if one would work for you:

Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient.

Because a heat pump only uses electricity for power, rather than for the generation of heat like electric baseboards, it offers a remarkably high efficiency rate. With Maine’s average winter temperatures of 37 degrees, the seasonal efficiency rate of a quality heat pump is right around 285%. While your electric bill may go up some when running a heat pump consistently, one heat pump can offset up to 300 gallons of oil in a typical home!

Save an average of 30% on utility costs with an energy-efficient heat pump.

They provide year round comfort.

Since “heat” is in the name, many people don’t realize that heat pumps don’t just warm spaces, they also keep them cool during summer months. During the warmer months, heat pump technology simply reverses and provides consistent, on-demand central air conditioning. As our Northeast climate continues to experience warmer and warmer summers, a heat pump may provide just the relief you are looking for in one convenient unit.

Heat pumps have the added bonus of improving indoor air quality.

Heat pumps offer ion deodorization for improved indoor air quality. They can easily be fitted with an electrostatic air filter that absorbs dust, mold spores, and other dangerous microorganisms. A heat pump also removes excess moisture from rooms, reducing indoor humidity levels for efficient dehumidification and better air quality.

You only having to purchase one unit for both heating and cooling.

Since a heat pump can be used to either cool or heat your home, it’s a very popular choice for homeowners looking to have both an efficient heating system and central air conditioning. A definite perk, this means you only have one piece of equipment to purchase, install and maintain.

heat pumps, 8 Things to Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are far less invasive to install than traditional heating or cooling systems.

Heat pumps offer the opportunity to provide heating and cooling without needing to install duct work in the building. This is why you will commonly hear them referred to as “ductless.” While traditional heating and central air systems require a lot of building modifications, a heat pump requires one small exterior wall area for all installation components.

They save you money over the long run.

Although heat pump systems may have a higher upfront cost, but they save you money in the long run thanks to their superior performance. Heat pumps run off electricity, meaning they don’t use costly combustible fuels like traditional heaters.

Heat pumps are way better for the environment and the planet.

Unlike traditional heating and air conditioning systems, heat pumps use very little toxic chemicals, combustible fuels, and release almost no gases into the atmosphere. This makes them the perfect green choice for eco-conscious buyers. 

You can save big with rebates through Efficiency Maine.

Efficiency Maine offers rebates up to $1,200 to homeowners on the purchase of a high-efficiency heat pump. Warm Waters is a Registered Residential Vendor with Efficiency Maine. This means we meet Efficiency Maine’s high standards for quality workmanship and customer service. We can also assist you through their rebate process paperwork. Contact us today to discuss how a heat pump could help you in your home or business!

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