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Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home? Here’s What You Should Know

Heat pumps are hands down the cheapest and most energy efficient way to manage both heating and cooling for your home. Even here in the Northeast, experts agree that they are one of the best ways for homeowners to find year round comfort and reduce their carbon footprint. Talk about a quality of life improvement!

Heat pumps save up to 50% in energy costs for the average household.

Heat pumps are one of those rare products that are a really good product option, really good for the environment, and really good for your wallet – all at the same time. Usually we have to make some tradeoff between those three factors, sacrificing one for the other. Not so with heat pumps. They are truly a win-win decision.

What is a Heat Pump, Anyway?

Heat pumps work just like a refrigerator or an air conditioner, except they offer a two-way process. In the summertime, they work like any other A/C unit, removing heat from the inside air, and pushing cooled air back into the room. When you need heat, they do the opposite, drawing heat energy from the air outside, and moving it inside to warm the room.

What Makes a Heat Pump So Efficient?

Heat pumps only have to move heat, whereas traditional heating systems used combustion and a fuel source to generate heat. Because a heat pump uses only electricity to transfer heat rather than burning a fuel source to produce heat like, heat pumps are significantly more energy efficient to operate.

For every dollar of electricity you put into a heat pump, you get back about $4 of heat.

Additionally, even the most efficient boiler or furnace can’t covert 100% of its fuel into heat. Getting 80% conversion is considered efficient for traditional heating systems. Since a heat pump just has to move the heat, there is tremendous return, actually giving more heat out than the energy put in. As a result the efficiency of a heat pump in terms of heat output is actually greater than 100%!

Who Is a Heat Pump For?

Just about any homeowner can benefit from a heat pump. Many businesses will also enjoy the year round comfort and significant savings available from heat pump installation. Whether you have an older home will less insulation, or a new air-tight home, heat pump technology can save a lot on energy costs. With the added benefit of heating and cooling from one unit, they are less invasive to a home’s interior.

is a heat pump right for your home, Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home? Here’s What You Should Know

Heat Pump Technology has Many Benefits:

  • Quiet Operation
  • A Lot of Temperature Control
  • Year Round Comfort
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduce Humidity
  • Reduce Energy Demand
  • Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Heat pumps are typically more expensive in upfront costs, but you will save considerable money long-term because of their higher efficiencies and lower utility costs compared to other HVAC systems. Many installers offer financing programs, and there are significant savings and loan programs, as well as rebates offered by Efficiency Maine.

Heat pumps are versatile, efficient cooling and heating systems. Look into heat pump technology if you are considering replacing your older heating system. If you currently pay for air conditioning all summer and expensive heating fuel all winter, a heat pump may be a perfect solution.

Wondering if a heat pump is right for you? Contact Warm Waters so we can help evaluate your heating and cooling needs and recommend the right heat pump system for you.  

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