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The Importance of Maintaining Your HVAC Systems

50% of HVAC Repairs Are a Result of No Maintenance

Just like changing the oil in your car helps to keep it in good running condition, maintaining your HVAC system goes a long way to keeping heating and cooling systems dependable. But that’s just the start.

Annual maintenance is the way to keep your system not just reliable but running at peak efficiency. There are many benefits to you, your family, and your budget:

Heating and Cooling System Tune-Ups Reduce Costs

Maintenance Reduces Breakdowns

Regular maintenance reduces energy consumption by 10% – 20%, while a lack of maintenance increases operating costs by 30% – 60%.

There’s nothing worse than your heating system breaking down in the dead of winter, or your air conditioning failing in the middle of a heat wave. Breakdowns always occur at the worst time, forcing you to scramble to get it fixed. Repairs are expensive, and emergency repairs are even more costly.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Preventative maintenance can increase system efficiency by 10% to as much as 40%.

When we neglect annual cleaning and tuning of an HVAC system, it must work harder to do its job. This means the system runs far less efficiently than one that is properly maintained. Less efficiency means higher energy bills, and greater environmental costs.

By reducing energy usage, you reduce your carbon footprint, which is good for everyone!

Longer System Lifespan

Most heating and cooling systems have a lifespan of 12 – 15 years. Many factors affect lifespan, but we can guarantee that neglecting your system and ignoring problems means your system will wear out or fail much sooner.

Annual maintenance can reduce emergency HVAC repairs by up to 95%.

Fewer Repair Costs

Keeping up with regular maintenance allows you to catch issues when they are small, before they become big problems. Small repairs are far less expensive than emergency repairs or major replacement parts or equipment. By keeping your system maintained, you’ll save a lot of money because you won’t have to pay big repair bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Most people don’t think of air pollution as being an indoor problem. Indoor air quality has a tremendous impact on our health and quality of life. Poor indoor air quality leads to allergies, breathing issues, and even issues with cognitive abilities.

Regular maintenance and filter replacement and system maintenance can help keep indoor air quality safe. Another aspect to indoor air quality is to make sure your ducts and vents are cleaned regularly.

Established Relationship with HVAC Company

One of the big benefits to scheduling regular upkeep on your HVAC equipment is that you likely have a company you prefer to work with. The service technician of your preferred company will get to know your house and your system. Having this established relationship helps when you do have a problem. They will know your system well so they can diagnose an issue more easily, and can possibly get the work done faster.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from knowing that you can depend on your heating and cooling systems to work when you need them, not use more energy than necessary to operate, and that they are running safely.

HVAC Maintenance Help from the Pros at Warm Waters

Investing in maintenance gives you peace of mind, longer equipment life, energy savings, and dependable operation. Maintenance even promotes healthier living by reducing airborne contaminants in your home.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you how important regular maintenance is. If it’s time for your system to get a checkup, give us a call – we are ready to help keep your system in the best possible condition!

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