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Why You Should Consider a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Heating our hot water is a costly component of a home’s utility cost. To reduce energy costs, thousands of Mainers now install heat pump water heaters. They produce lots of hot water, dehumidify, and can save more than $5,000 over their 10-year life. Utilizing a rebate from Efficiency Maine, your heat pump hot water heater could pay for itself in the first year of use!

Heat pump hot water heaters are very popular because of their many benefits.

The technology is highly energy efficient.

Heat pump technology is so efficient because instead using energy to heat water, they move heat to the water tank. Much like air conditioners work, but rather than moving heat from a room to the outdoors, they move heat from a room into the water tank.

They will save you money.

Heat pump water heaters can save you some serious money. For example, a heat pump water heater could potentially save you more than $500 a year in electricity costs. Click here to calculate your savings.

You won’t run out of hot water.

Heat pump water heaters are sometimes called “hybrids” because in addition to heating water with a heat pump, they also have traditional electric heating elements to supply enough hot water for when demand exceeds what the heat pump can produce.

They provide dehumidification.

Because they pull heat from the surrounding air, heat pump hot water heaters also dehumidify their space. Often installed in basement, this can be very good news for those with a stuffy, musty smelling cellar. While they don’t completely replace a dehumidifier, they can be a big help.

Is a heat pump water heater a good fit for your home or business?

We suggest you consider a few factors when considering one: 

  • Heat pump water heaters make more noise than tank styles, and also have a cooling effect. Therefore, they are better suited to basements than living spaces.
  • While heat pump water heaters dehumidify, they do not replace a dehumidifier. They operate based on hot water demand, not humidity levels. If you need to dehumidify your space or basement, using a dehumidifier in addition to a heat pump water heater is the best plan. 
  • For optimum efficiency, it’s recommend that you install heat pump water heaters in an area that maintains temperatures above 35°F. 

Warm Waters Licensed Technicians Installs Heat Pump Water Heaters

Consider upgrading your water heating equipment to a heat pump water heater and enjoying energy savings, increased comfort, and dependability right away. If you have questions, or are ready to purchase and install a heat pump water heater, please CONTACT US.

Efficiency Maine Rebates

Efficiency Maine offers rebates for homeowners and businesses interested in installing heat pump water heaters. If you are interested in learning more about Efficiency Maine’s heat pump water heater program, go to their website for more information on how to apply for rebates, review eligibility and terms and conditions, and more. Also you can watch their video on heat pump water heaters.

Efficiency Maine offers a $950 rebate on heat pump water heaters for Mainers of any income and a free heat pump water heater, including installation, to eligible low-income Mainers. Homeowners can pay as little as $449 for a heat pump water heater by using Efficiency Maine’s $950 instant discount.

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