Ductless” Heat Pumps? What are they?

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Ductless Heat Pumps seem like the most talked about source of heat and air conditioning today. On almost every job I go on someone will say something to do with these Heat Pumps. They want to know what they are, how they work and do they save people money? I have one in my home and shop. In my opinion they are definitely a blessing! They do have their pros and cons like everything else though. I tell everyone to make sure they keep the filters on the inside unit clean. Always make it a habit to check them. When I explain how Heat Pumps work I start off by explaining how any A/C unit operates. Its primary job is to move heat from one place to another place. Its real simple. When the unit is in cool mode it will take heat from inside the home and remove it to the outside! Heat is captured and removed through the refrigerant in the piping. Now, when the heat pump is in heat mode it has a reversing valve and the refrigerant is pumped in the opposite direction. It allows the outdoor unit to become the indoor unit. It removes heat from the outside and dumps it into the home! cool right? I think so. People ask me how can a Heat Pump take heat from the outside when its below zero? I tell people without getting to complex, that we as humans measure heat by what we feel through our body temperature. When measuring heat you can not think of it this way. I bet you didn’t know that there is heat down to -460 degrees! And that is not even an absolute because the molecules are still moving. We have not even found when they stop.
The term “ductless” just means they require no ductwork throughout the home. Heat pumps have an indoor unit that is attached to an outdoor unit. They are pretty flexible in where you can place them in a home, which makes them even better. Do they save people money?? The answer is yes! Make sure you are getting the correct one for what you want it to do. Not all of them operate the same. If you want to heat when outdoor temps are really low, then you better get one that goes that low. On average they will save you about 25%. Your electric bill will go up but take into consideration all the fuel you are saving!
Spring time is here and if your looking for someone to install a Ductless mini-split in your home Warm Waters is the company for you! I have installed hundreds and recommend only a few. I personally like Fujitsu for many reasons. I highly recommend installing one. You will be very grateful that you did. The warm weather is approaching fast!

What to do if a pipe burst

The colder weather is here and if for some reason a pipe decides to burst or a DIY plumbing project went bad, you could end coming home to a pool of water in your home. When an unexpected emergency like this happens it’s important for you not to panic and have the knowledge of what to do next. There are a list of things you can do to prevent further water damage to your home.
First, you need to know if you are getting your water supply from a well or from a town/city. The easiest way to tell is if you are getting a bill in the mail your are more then likely on town/city water. If you are on a well, there will be a tank in your basement which is where the water supply from the well comes into your home. some well systems very and could be located in other areas of your home, so please do your homework and figure out what kind of system you have.

Second, every house will have a main water shut off. If you have town/city water there will be a water meter located in the basement. You will see a valve below and above the meter. Either one is sufficient to shut the entire house off. I recommend shutting both of them off. Now, in a worst case scenario there have been times where water is leaking below the bottom valve and this can only be shut off by a professional. Please do not call a plumber because he will tell you exactly what I’m about to tell you. There is a shut off valve outside beside the road. In this case you will need to call the town/city water district and dial the emergency ext. They will then send a professional out to shut off the water supply. After this you will be ready to call a plumber.

If you have a well there will also be a shut off at the tank (Well-X-trol). You can also turn the power to it off. In your electrical panel there will be a 20 AMP breaker that should be labeled well pump that you can switch to off. If you do this it will take a little longer for the leak to stop because there will still be pressure in the tank.

Third, be careful there are no electrical outlets nearby. If there is, I recommend turning off the power in your electrical panel. If you don’t know which one to turn off then you can turn off the main breaker which will shut off your entire house.
Fourth, use a bucket or a pan to collect water that is dripping. Try and mop water off floors to help prevent further damage.
Fifth, call Warm Waters or your local plumber to repair broken pipe. If its a large flood then you will have to also call your insurance company. Burst pipes are not always a DIY project. Warm Waters is experienced in all your plumbing needs and proudly serves Cumberland, York and Oxford county Maine. Please contact us at 207-939-3133